Pittsburgh Neighborhood Launches Inventive Watershed Project

The community of Penn Hills is beginning a project that has been on hold until warmer weather. Now that spring is here, environmental initiatives benefiting the watershed will take place. The Nine Mile Run Watershed Association, the nonprofit responsible for preserving Pittsburgh’s East End, implemented a strategy to alleviate the obstacles that water runoff has caused.  The idea is to reroute the rainwater and have it absorbed into the environment, instead of overflowing storm water drains. Through the natural process of watershed and the topography of the area, drainage from the Penn Hills sewer into Nine Mile Run has created the need to find a resolution, or at the very least a deterrent.

With the assistance of state funding, the City has invested in green infrastructure in the form of rain gardens and tree planting to reduce storm water runoff in Penn Hills, Homewood and East Hills. Four rain gardens have been built in Penn Hills. Rain gardens are designed to capture rainwater before it flows into the sewer system. The gardens are planted using a mix of soil and plants that specialize in water absorption.  Rain gardens can also be a good alternative to prevent storm drains from being overwhelmed with water and debris. Additionally, tree pits will be established along the side of the road with curb cutouts that allow water to drain directly onto the tree in a 3-foot-by-10-foot area planted with rain garden soil.  Another helpful barrier will be the use of approximately 200 rain barrels, strategically placed within the neighborhood. The barrels will collect water from roofs and redirect it onto green spaces, preventing basement flooding. There have been 60 installations to date.

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