Waterline Renewal Technologies

Pittsburgh’s Lake Water Testing Program


Testing the pond and lake water in Pittsburgh is an important step for assessing the city’s water quality and help prevent problems, proactively. For ponds or lakes with an existing quality program, testing is an essential tool for diagnosing the cause of the problem and determining suitable treatment options. The city offers test packages to determine the levels of bacteria in the water. The tests offered and the recommendations that you will receive with your test report assume that your pond or lake is used for recreational purposes. Two test packages are available. The Basic Pond/Lake Package includes essential tests for assessing pond/lake water quality. The Basic Pond/Lake Package plus Bacteria includes tests from the basic package plus E. Coli bacteria. E. Coli testing is recommended for ponds or lakes that are used for swimming, boating, or other recreational activities where there is close human contact with the water. This sample should be collected at a location that is representative of the water in the pond or lake. This is most often found at a deeper location away from these sources of water (i.e. away from the stream, spring or other source feeding into the pond or lake). Two good locations to collect the sample would be from a dock or swimming platform or at the pipe or stream leading out of the pond/lake.

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