University Of Pennsylvania’s “Green” Work of Art

The University of Pennsylvania has been both resourceful and innovative in the creation of sustainable “green” projects. Within the last decade, collaborators formed an outstretched area of land intended for use by the Penn community, named Shoemaker Green. This 2.75-acre park on the campus, resembles a large bathtub in design and is multi-faceted in order to capture and recycle the storm water and HVAC runoff from the surrounding buildings. The system includes a 20,000-gallon underground cistern, porous hardscape surfaces, and

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Pittsburgh Neighborhood Launches Inventive Watershed Project

The community of Penn Hills is beginning a project that has been on hold until warmer weather. Now that spring is here, environmental initiatives benefiting the watershed will take place. The Nine Mile Run Watershed Association, the nonprofit responsible for preserving Pittsburgh’s East End, implemented a strategy to alleviate the obstacles that water runoff has caused.  The idea is to reroute the rainwater and have it absorbed into the environment, instead of overflowing storm water drains. Through the natural process

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Pittsburgh Sewer Authority’s Charitable Green Deeds

The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) is committed to a “green first” approach to improving water quality affected by storm water runoff. Green infrastructure (GI) can be a cost-effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly way to manage the volume, rate and water quality of storm water runoff while providing many additional benefits to communities. That said, as time goes by and populations grow, we see more and more Green initiatives cropping up. Such is the case with The Pittsburgh Sewer

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