Pittsburgh Makes Policy Changes to Reduce Lead Pipelining

The city of Pittsburgh is next in line for policy changes and scheduled pipeline rehabilitations to address the problem of lead in the water systems. Lead contamination in Pittsburgh has been a topic that has prompted increased awareness locally, as well as in cities nationwide. It has brought a pressing need to reinforce public health and safety by reinventing pipelining systems, on a large scale. Thus, a number of changes have gone into effect. The great majority of Pittsburgh homes

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Pittsburgh’s Proactive Approach for Lead Testing and Sewer Maintenance

The city of Pittsburgh has engineered a highly effective sewer system which is designed to induce an overflow, if necessary. This may seem counterintuitive but the reason is due to heavy rains which pour into street-level storm drains, mix with sewage and quickly overwhelm the system. When the gates at the intercept structures are activated, they open and release the excess into the rivers. Otherwise, there would be the unfortunate alternative of raw sewage backing up into homes and onto

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Pittsburgh Conducts Testing for Lead in Pipelines

Pittsburgh has recently launched a new program for residents that includes lead testing. If you’re a customer of the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority, you are eligible for free water testing. If requested, you will receive a sample bottle with simple instructions. An examination of 103 homes revealed non-detectible levels of lead and some had very low levels, but others were more concerning.  Tests show that while water leaving the treatment plant is lead-free; it can pick up lead from

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